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Online Family Mediation

What Is Online Mediation?

We provide highly effective online mediation for family, divorce and financial matters. This system is now more popular than ever due the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that you can still benefit from my highly effective mediation services, whilst under lockdown.

Online mediation works by us logging into videoconferencing software. Thanks to the latest technology, this is a very simple and painless process, enabling us to get up and running – fast.

We then communicate through either laptop, mobile or tablet (your choice!) and all parties can stay completely separate. We can also easily migrate to joint mediation using a combined virtual room when required.

Great Benefits

There are some fantastic benefits to online mediation such as:

  • No need to drive to a specific office
  • No parking to pay
  • No longer having to be physically in front of your ex-partner (which can prove difficult and stressful)

You can also rest-assured of being able to attend full mediation from the comfort of your home, without risk of exposure or worry associated with Coronavirus. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Booking times are of course more flexible, so you can book anytime between 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Book Your Appointment Now >> or Phone  07385544100 alternatively, if on mobile why not WhatsApp us now?

Why Mediation ?

Using solicitors and/or going to court is highly adversarial, extemely expensive, long winded and difficult as often you are speakng through a 3rd party i.e your  solicitor.

Advantage of Family Mediation with
First Mediate

With family mediation through First Mediate you get to make decisions in real
time talking directlty in a controlled, safe enviroment to your former
partner with a highly skilled trained mediator present keeping the
proceedings calm and respectful. Professional mediators used to dealing with all situations in Family Mediation. Registered with The Family Mediation Council. Calm , confident and knowledgeable mediators.

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Please note we are a private practice and do not provide legal aid work

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