The Process

Fast, Affordable & Effective Family Mediation

The Three Stages of Family Mediation

The Initial Assessment

This meeting is between you and the mediator only and is completely confidential. It is designed so the mediator can explain the whole process of mediation and the benefits when compared with traditional court and solicitor processes. It allows you time and space to ask any questions so you are completely clear about the benefits and how mediation works. Anything you say in the initial meeting is completely confidential so you can feel safe explaining your situation and what you would like to achieve. You can explore any ideas you may have been considering. The initial meeting is also for you and the mediator to consider if mediation would be beneificial and a suitable way forward for you.

You will be listened to compassionately with empathy and non-judgementally.

When you are happy to proceed, we will contact your former partner to arrange their initial assessment to have their confidential initial meeting.

When both parties see the benefits of mediation we move onto Stage 2. This is to arrange a joint mediation session with you both and the mediator.


Joint mediation sessions

This in most circumstances is where both of you are in the a room and the  mediator will facillitate positive conversations about a fair and reasonable ways forward. The mediator will help the conversation to remain positive and respectful while impartially helping both sides clarify issues and help you both identify various options and negotiate constructively to arrive at joint solutions that help you both move forward positively with you lives. The mediator does not make decisions for you, however they may make suggestions as a starting point .

After initial apprehension these sessions are very constructive and people are relieved to start to find a positive way forward.

The most common areas covered are Divorce, Separation, Property, Finance, Pensions and Child Arrangements.


Conclusion of Mediation

The average amount of mediation sessions varies as a general guide we say that Child Arrangements on average take 1-3 sessions. Property and Finance 4-5 and all issues which is Child Arrangements,Property and Finance 5-6.

At the end of this processthe mediator will prepare completion documents recording your solutions which you will both sign.

The completion documents are not legally binding. You have the option to take legal advice and the option of then making them legally binding. Your mediator will explain the process.

Why Mediation ?

Using solicitors and/or going to court is highly adversarial, extemely expensive, long winded and difficult as often you are speakng through a 3rd party i.e your  solicitor.

Advantage of Family Mediation with
First Mediate

With family mediation through First Mediate you get to make decisions in real
time talking directlty in a controlled, safe enviroment to your former
partner with a highly skilled trained mediator present keeping the
proceedings calm and respectful. Professional mediators used to dealing with all situations in Family Mediation. Registered with The Family Mediation Council. Calm , confident and knowledgeable mediators.

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Please note we are a private practice and do not provide legal aid work

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