First meeting

The First Meeting also known as a M.I.A.M (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) is a meeting between you and the mediator only. It is strictly confidential and it is to explain what family mediation is and the process of how it works. It is also the time for you to explain your situation and what positive outcome you would like to achieve by the end of the process. This meeting  is also a time for the mediator to access if mediation is the right course of action for you. Assuming that it is we will then invite your ex-partner to have their own Initial Meeting.

The meeting lasts for 45-60 minutes and our fee is £95.00 per person.

Mediation Session

The Mediation Session is when you and your ex-partner sit down with the mediator to discuss issues arrising from the separation and work out a positive way forward to work out things such as Child Arrangements, who will be the main carer when will the other party see the child(ren) etc. You may wish to discuss the way forward for Property and Finances. In most cases it will take several sessions to come to a solution you can both go forward with.

The solution that you both decide and agree to abide by is then formalised in documentation for you both to sign.

After each session you will both be able to have on request a Statement of Outcome, which will summarise what has been discussed and what has been agreed so far and when if any the next meeting will be.

A Statement of Outcome fee is £75.00 per person

Each session is 90 minutes and our fee is £150.00 per person.

When you have both agreed a solution


When mediation concerns monetary issues such as Property and Finances, the mediator will prepare two documents recording your agreed solution from the mediation session(s). An Opening Statement Of Financial Information (OFSI) and also a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Our Fee’s is for creating an Opening Statement of Financial Information is £300.00  plus £30.00 per person for a signed copy.

Our Fee’s for creating a Memorandum of Understanding are £250.00 plus £30.00 per person for a signed copy.

You will  need a set of signed documents per client.

For simple Child Arrangements we do not charge for documenting a Parenting Plan, however at our discretion we will charge for more complex Parenting Plans at our standard document rate of £60 per hour per person.

*Please note*

*Each client is responsible for their own charges.*

*Cancellation of appointments will only be accepted with 48 hours minimum notice*

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